Why Coach With Me?

As you're probably aware, there are thousands of Life Coaches to choose from. We all have different skill sets and areas of expertise, and our approaches and styles can range from similar to complete polar opposites.

Therefore, it's a good idea to shop around to find a coach that you resonate with – someone who makes you feel truly understood, supported, excited and comfortable.

The coach/client relationship is one that's built on mutual trust. So, not only is it important to like someone's coaching style, but you also need to trust your coach.

You need to feel at ease with them when it comes to sharing sensitive details about yourself (your fears, your dreams, your frustrations, your questions and concerns).

Why Choose Me To Be Your Coach?

Here's a quick rundown of what differentiates me (and my coaching) from others:

A Personal Touch - No one wants to feel like they're just a number, or that they have a dollar sign hanging over their head.

For me, coaching isn't just a service or something I do... it's my passion. I treat every client, without exception, just as I would like to be treated; with dignity, respect and integrity.

Working with me is a collaborative partnership. I act as a totally objective, non-judgmental, supportive ally to help you conquer your self-imposed obstacles.

Open Communication - Open and honest communication is vital to developing a strong coaching relationship. When you engage with any professional, you should never feel hesitant to communicate with them.

In my coaching practice, I use a caring and non-judgmental environment of support and encouragement.

My coaching style is conversational, collaborative, and solution-orientated. I show up to each session with tons of space and allowance for all that you are (the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful), so you can reveal it all and let it transform.

Professional Training - Anyone can call themselves a coach. Unfortunately, there are thousands of unqualified 'coaches' out there who have never actually been trained to coach, have never been coached themselves, and have little to no idea how to help their clients get optimal results.

As a certified life coach with 12 years of experience, I bring a unique synthesis of a background in clinical Psychology and the rigorous training required to become certified as a professional life coach. So, you have at your disposal an experienced ally who's fully committed to your success.

I keep up to date with the latest research and discoveries in the field of psychology, neuroscience, life coaching and human potential so I can give my clients the best possible solutions that actually work.

In addition to having B.A. and M.A. degrees in Psychology, I also have a certification and training from iPEC, a top-notch coaching school accredited by the International Coaching Federation (which I’m also a member of).

iPEC is dedicated to preserving the integrity of coaching and has set the highest standard for the profession. What this really means is that I'm bound by a code of ethics that ensures that I'll always have your best interests at heart.

I've coached countless people who have had amazing results.
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Most of my coaching sessions are done over the phone or via Skype. So, it doesn’t matter if you're in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney, Vancouver, or wherever, because I can conveniently work with you from just about anywhere.

?No need to worry about getting stuck in traffic jams or having to deal with boring waiting rooms.

Who I Coach

I coach career professionals and people from all walks of life who are seeking clarity around their life purpose. I also coach those who feel stuck, overwhelmed, unfocused, unchallenged, uncreative, unfulfilled, or disconnected.

Creative Types – artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople, etc. (even "closet creatives" searching for a way to express who they are), as well as those who want to rediscover their neglected creative talents and earn money doing what they truly love.

Aspiring (and established) entrepreneurs who have ideas and talent, but lack the skills or the organizational framework needed to turn their visions into reality, or are unclear about their next steps.

We'll work well together and you'll see positive results if...

You're open and ready for a change. You're willing to take an objective look at your life, reassess your deep-seeded beliefs, habits, and thought patterns.

You believe that you get out of life what you put in. You feel motivated at the thought of making profound, positive changes in all areas of your life in a structured way that keeps you on track and accountable to taking action.

You believe you're here for a greater purpose than just "existing", that life is short and precious, and that personal responsibility is the key to success.

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