Coaching Services

The fact that you're here right now means you're on the verge of a breakthrough!

Below you'll find a list of my current coaching packages. Whichever package you choose, you can expect plenty of ah-ha moments and tangible results during our sessions together.

In my experience, the best results usually come from weekly coaching. So in the beginning, I recommend weekly sessions. After that, depending on your situation and needs, we can meet every other week, or even once a month.

Keep in mind that if you want to make changes in your life, research has found that it typically takes an average of 60 – 90 days to change behavioral patterns and to achieve lasting results.

And although I don't have any long-term contracts, many of my clients seek ongoing support and will opt for my basic 3-month program (12 sessions) with the option to continue month-to-month until they've
achieved their goals.

I have a lot of clients who choose to continue their coaching with me for several months or longer because of the ongoing benefits and results they experience.

Just as every person is unique, my one-on-one coaching service is custom-tailored to your specific individual needs and situation.

After we connect for the first time, I'll recommend a program that fits your needs and budget.

That being said, there are a few affordable options available to work with me.

Live Your Best Life Now Basic Package

This 3-month package is designed for people that would like help in overcoming one or more issues such as gaining clarity, discovering your passion or life purpose and/or eliminating the feeling of being 'stuck'.

It's my most popular package because it doesn't matter whether you already know what it is you want to change, or whether you just know that you want your life to be better than it is right now.

This package gives me enough time to get to the root of your issue(s) and give you the tools to help make those important lasting changes in your life.


  • 4 x 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month via phone or Skype. Sessions may occasionally run a little over depending on where we are in the process (remember, it's about results not minutes).
  • Free email support and check-ins for the duration of our coaching sessions.
  • In addition to the accountability, unwavering support, and encouragement I'll provide you with every step of the way, you'll also get proven tools and interactive goal setting strategies to help you stay on track.

    It's all about keeping it fun, simple, and rewarding so you'll stick with it, make the changes you need to make, and come away feeling motivated and optimistic after each session.

Note: Prices are discussed during my complimentary coaching consultations.

Live Your Best Life Now Advanced Package

This in-depth coaching package is specifically designed for those who have already mastered the basics and want to continue to achieve outstanding and consistent results through the help of an objective accountability partner.

This is the best option if you already have a good idea of where you're headed, but just need a little help staying on track and motivated. We'll get you re-focused on the next steps you need to take to move you forward. Then you can take it from there.


  • 4 x 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month via phone or Skype (as needed on a case by case basis).
  • Free email support and check-in’s for the duration of our coaching sessions.
  • Continual accountability and encouragement every step of the way.

Note: Prices are discussed during my complimentary coaching consultations.

Live Your Best Life Now VIP Day Package

This is an all-day exclusive one-on-one workshop with me that includes an in-depth coaching strategy session combined with fun and enjoyable activities (customizable to each client).

Note: Prices are discussed during my complimentary coaching consultations.

Single 1-Hour Sessions

With the exception of consulting I do to help other coaches start or grow their business, I rarely work with new life coaching clients for just one session, as I need longer than that to really understand you and help you achieve whatever it is you want to accomplish.

However, if you do want one session, contact me now and I'll do whatever I can to help you out in such a limited time-frame.

Life Coaching is an investment in your most precious asset: YOU.

The most successful people in the world recognize the huge benefit of investing in themselves. And make no mistake, coaching is an investment that can give you a return on your money many times over.

Coaching isn't just for corporate execs, athletes, and musicians... it's for anyone wise enough to realize that we all have our own blind spots and can benefit from an experienced set of objective eyes.

Remember, you can have all the material things in life... the cars, luxury items, brand name clothes, a beautiful home, etc., but scientific research has proven that it's highly unlikely any of those things will make you a happier and more fulfilled person.

Life Coaching can offer that opportunity… but, only if you're prepared to invest in yourself rather than 'stuff'.

Need help figuring out which package fits you best?

Just let me know by booking a free no obligation 30-minute coaching consultation with me using the button below.

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