4 Quick Stress-Reducing Tips You Can Start Using Today

Unless you’re really old and frail, hard work won’t hurt you.

But it doesn’t matter what age, sex, physical condition, or ethnicity you are – stress can KILL YOU.

Stress provides equal opportunities for stroke, heart attack, ulcers, and a whole host of other physical problems.

We’re constantly being stressed these days and our immune systems are compromised.

It’s usually a low-grade type of stress and often we don’t even realize we’re stressed, yet we’re not as happy, joyful and vibrant as we should be.

Here are a few stress-reducing techniques that can serve you well.

I’m listing exercise and rest as numbers 1 and 2, but either of them could be number 1 since they’re actually equally important in stress reduction.

1. Exercise: The LACK of physical exercise causes stress (in the mind as well as in the body).

The human body isn’t designed to be sedentary.

The body systems don’t work correctly when we don’t exercise. So try a brisk walk for 30 minutes at least five times a week, preferably somewhere in nature.

If you’re over 50 and you’ve been inactive for a lengthy period of time, don’t start a rigorous exercise program without first getting the blessing of your doctor.

You’ll be surprised at how much exercise will make you feel physically, as well as emotionally.

2. Rest: Keeping regular hours (going to bed and getting up at the same time each and every 24-hour period) will not only reduce your stress level, but it will make your waking hours far more productive.

Many Americans are sleep deprived, and that’s a fact.

Research has showed that you need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep for the immune system to work properly.

Sleep deprivation causes STRESS, and stress will kill you if left unchecked!

3. Eat a healthy diet: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Choose whole grains as often as possible. Choose chicken and fish more often than you choose red meat.

Decrease your intake of sugar. You’ll find that when your digestive system feels better, you’ll feel better inside and out.

4. Take time for yourself: We live in a hurry-hurry-hurry world and never seem to take the pressure off of ourselves. So give yourself a break and relax!

Here’s one clinically proven technique I’ve shared with my coaching clients that will lower your stress and instantly relax you…

Breathe in through your nose slowly and through the belly.

Feel your abdomen expand. Then, slowly exhale through the mouth.

Do that for a couple of minutes.

In addition, close your eyes and think of a beautiful scene.

Picture the ocean for example. Watch the waves come in and do this until you feel relaxed.

Listen to soothing music (not rock).

Read a book.

RELAX occasionally — on purpose.

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