About Chiara

Chiara was born and raised in Northern Italy surrounded by creative family members and friends who showed her the importance of following your true calling and expressing your talents.

Her mission is to shine the light on those corners in her clients' lives where their true essence is hiding. By helping them uncover their passions, they move from struggle to ease as they build personally and financially rewarding careers.

Her broad-based knowledge – from clinical psychology to physics to neuroscience – allows her to address the root causes of the behaviors that are holding her clients back.

The journey from confusion to clarity and success

Chiara's quest for meaning started early on in life.

As a teenager struggling with her identity and insecurities, she became aware that lasting fulfillment can only be experienced by finding our true essence and expressing our passion.

The sudden death of her teenage sister caused her to question the meaning of her life more deeply. And so began her search for her own purpose.

Her belief in the importance of living authentically and with purpose was later reinforced by her many years of experience as a manager of a family owned retail store in Italy, as well as upscale boutiques in Los Angeles. This is where she saw firsthand how people use material possessions to fill the void of a purposeless life.

How Chiara became a life coach and found her true calling

As part of her quest for meaning, Chiara moved to the United States in her mid-twenties. This turned out to be the most challenging, yet enriching experience of her life.

Learning a new language, finding the means to support herself, and integrating into a new culture allowed her to strengthen her character and expand her mind.

It was at this point that her fascination with human behavior and the human mind led her to pursue formal studies in psychology and personal development.

Her goal was to help others heal and thrive. The training gave her a deep understanding of how we as humans get stuck in negative patterns and settle for unfulfilled lives of mediocrity because we're disconnected from the full expression of our talents.

The direction of Chiara's life changed when she was introduced to Life Coaching and its action-oriented focus on creating results, rather than dwelling on the wounds of the past like traditional counseling and therapy does.

Finally, she had found her true calling — to use her experience to help people uncover their passion and purpose, tap into their creativity, and take practical steps to build a prosperous life.

With this insight, she went on to become a Certified Professional Life Coach. Chiara graduated from a top-notch coaching training institution, and because of this, her clients get proven coaching techniques that have helped thousands of people overcome their struggles and achieve success.

Education, Training, Associations & Credentials

Chiara has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State University, Northridge, and a Master's degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles.

iPEC Coaching – She received her training and certification as a Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner through iPEC Coaching (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), a program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

ICF International – Chiara is also an active member of ICF International, as well as ICF Los Angeles chapter. The ICF is an organization that sets rigorous standards for excellence in professional coaching worldwide.

Additional Interests

Chiara lives in Los Angeles with her husband Brad of over 25 years. She likes to deepen my knowledge about psychology, neuroscience, human potentials, and spirituality.

In her free time she practices yoga and also enjoys hiking, reading and traveling, especially to Italy, her first home and love.

Having helped countless people to discover who they truly are and what they really want out of life, Chiara is confident she can help you too.

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