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Hi, I'm Chiara Pietrogiovanna. As a leading Certified Life & Career Coach, I've helped countless people (just like you) turn their life around and come out the other side more successful, much happier, and more fulfilled.

If you are…

  • Miserable at the end of each work day and longing for a career that's more meaningful and financially rewarding
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    Not sure what needs to change, you just know you're not happy.
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    Tired of living life on someone else's terms that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from your happiness…
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    Endlessly searching for answers to your problems on the Internet or overwhelmed with too much information and don't know what to do with it…
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    Paralyzed by your daily responsibilities or distractions and feel like you're in a perpetual state of procrastination…
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    Struggling to stay focused on your goals…
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    Lacking direction and passion
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    Stuck in a neutral holding pattern, but don't know how to overcome it on your own…
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    In transition after a job loss with little to no idea of what you want to do next…
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    Craving freedom, flexibility, and the ability to do the things you love, but aren't sure where to start…
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    Ready to experience a never-felt-before sense of clarity, purpose and happiness

Then you've come to the right place.

You've already taken the most important first step in the process by searching for a solution.

If you've never worked with a coach before, you're not alone. Most of my clients were completely new to coaching prior to finding me. 

My clients include both men and women ages 30 to 65+ years old. They're parents, managers, corporate executives, administrative assistants, entrepreneurs, engineers, aspiring (and established) artists, musicians, writers, actors, coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers, lawyers and more. 

They work at non-profits, large companies, small companies, or from their home offices. They're men and women who come from all kinds of different backgrounds and a variety of ages... and I love them all!

Although I'm based in Los Angeles, my clients come to me from all across the United States, Canada, the UK (and the rest of the world). It doesn't matter where you live as most of my coaching is conducted on the phone.

So, if you're constantly thinking there's got to be more to life than this, but don't know where to start, then let's talk about that.

Each week, I set aside a limited number of spots for my no obligation 30-minute trial life coaching consultations.

It's a great way for you to get your questions answered and to get acquainted with me and my coaching style to see if we're a good fit to work together.

In this call we'll talk a bit about your goals, your challenges and sticking points, and a simple plan of action you can quickly start implementing with my help to get you zooming along.

You'll leave our free session together feeling renewed and re-energized, knowing exactly what the next steps will be for you to create your ultimate life.

What My Clients Are Saying


Finding Chiara changed my life!

After a divorce and many years of therapy I found myself stuck with no idea of who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. Through what I consider divine intervention I found Chiara on the internet which turned out to be the best decision of my life!

Chiara is a caring coach with an incredible amount of knowledge and resources. She has an uncanny ability to connect with people. I felt truly seen and heard for the very first time. She has a gentle caring approach creating a safe space to share your deepest fears. She helped guide me to discover my purpose and passion and take the steps necessary to achieve my goals.

I look forward to every session with Chiara and consider coaching my greatest investment in myself. With Chiara’s guidance I now wake up with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I am happier and more productive and so are the people around me.

I highly recommend Chiara to anyone feeling stuck or wanting to change their life.

Debra Hardison


Thanks to Chiara's help, I found my passion…

"After being in Property Management for over 5 years, dealing with constant resident complaints and a very corporate atmosphere, I was feeling very burnt out and wanted a change. But this was scary since this is the field I know well. After a few sessions with Chiara I learned a lot about what I wanted and didn’t want in life.

One of the assignments she gave me was to ask all of my closest friends and family what is the thing I talk about a lot or that I seem very interested in. The answer from my sister and two of my best friends was "wine". They were right, I guess I just needed it to be pointed out to me. Knowing this, my best friend invited me to an in-home wine tasting which lead me to my new career path as an Independent Wine Consultant for a Napa winery.

I love what I do and it doesn’t feel like work because I am truly passionate about wine and sharing it with others. Thanks to Chiara's help, I found my passion and I am committed to making my wine business a success no matter what. Thanks Chiara!"

Holly Freeman


Chiara was my very first ever personal life coach.

"I chose Chiara out of three websites I reviewed because her method and style of coaching resonated with me and I'm happy to say, I chose correctly.

Chiara has a great understanding of human behaviour and was able to help me pinpoint crucial moments in my life that needed addressing in order for me to move forward. Chiara carried out our sessions in a very professional manner and with great sensitivity to my at times raw emotions.

On reflection, Chiara's style made me feel comfortable enough to open up to her and her methods gave me clarity and direction to help me release unwanted past history and gave me several tools to balance my future personal and professional life. I am very grateful to Chiara for giving back to me, my sense of self and the freedom to move forward."

Betty Smiler, Entrepreneur, Brisbane, Australia


She has a very kind and open and approachable communication style.

"Talking to Chiara was wonderful. She has a very kind and open and approachable communication style. Chiara is very good at looking at a problem and trying to help find a solution while at the same time she gave me the space to think through possible solutions on my own. I came to Chiara to help me discover any blocks I may not realize are there and she helped me understand what I need to do to move forward.

I highly recommend Chiara if you are looking for clarity from a practical approach to seeing a situation, without using stars and planets as the excuse for the issue at hand."

Caroline Balinska, Marketing Strategist, Spain

Want to Achieve Real Results Now?

If you too want to wake up every morning feeling inspired, energized and excited about doing what you love, then request your free 30-minute coaching consultation like all my clients above once did…

Ready to start changing your life?

As your personal accountability partner and sounding board, I focus on the present moment. I look at where you're at in your life right now and what changes need to take place for you to create the life that you desire.

Together, we'll come up with a clear, easy-to-implement action plan for you that bridges the gap between your current reality and how you REALLY want your life to be.

With my guidance you will:

  • Gain improved clarity in all areas of your life.
  • Discover your passion or life purpose (what really lights you up).
  • Reconnect with your intuition and learn to trust yourself again.
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    Quit bad habits and cultivate new habits.
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    Identify and overcome obstacles, procrastination & overwhelm.
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    Get unstuck.
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    Clarify your priorities and what you really want.
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    Ignite (or re-ignite) and nurture your creativity.
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    Design a new, exciting future for yourself.
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    Get a "next-step" action plan so you take the right actions to achieve your goals.
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    Increase your confidence and self-esteem.
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    Break free from limiting beliefs.
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    Enjoy increased meaning and satisfaction in your life.
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    Become more organized, productive, and efficient.
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    And much more!

I combine my formal training in traditional Psychology (B.A. & M.A.) with the latest cutting-edge techniques and tools from neuroscience and positive psychology to develop a step-by-step plan for you that's structured, action-oriented, and totally focused on your desired outcomes.

With my 100% personalized assistance, we'll work together to transform any areas of your life that you want to improve.

I'm here for you, and you'll get my non-judgmental, compassionate support every step of the way.

Interested in working with me?

Take the next step and request your free no obligation 30-minute coaching consultation with me...

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