checkmark You feel a sense of being suffocated or trapped in a boring, uninspired job that’s draining the life out of you and making you miserable at the end of each work day.

checkmark You want to change your career to something that’s more meaningful and financially rewarding, but don’t know what to do or how to do it? Or maybe you’re already clear on what it is that you would love to do, but you’re afraid of taking action to make it a reality.

checkmark You feel like you’re trudging through life like a sloth on auto-pilot. You’re tired, overwhelmed or bogged down with too many things to do, too many ideas, too much responsibility, or too much information and not enough time.

checkmark You rarely wake up excited about your day, but don’t know how to discover (or reconnect) with your life’s purpose: your true calling that makes you come alive.

checkmark You’re craving freedom, flexibility, and the ability to do the things you love, but feelings of guilt or fear are holding you back.

checkmark Life just feels predictable and dull… like it has less of a zing to it. You notice that happy things don’t get you quite as happy as they used to and you’re not sure why.

checkmark You compare yourself to everyone else around you and question your own abilities and self-worth.

checkmark You know you’re capable of achieving and doing more, but you procrastinate and put things off. Then you worry that life is simply passing you by without you accomplishing the things that really matter to you.

If you identify with any of the above scenarios, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way. In fact, many of my clients were in the same boat before they came to me for help.

The good news is that I’ve seen all sorts of problems and usually (more often than not) they’re way easier to fix than you might realize.

If you’re willing and committed, I can usually help you improve things fairly quickly.


Life coaching with Chiara has been an awesome experience!

“Like many I was dissatisfied with my working life, and the impact it was having on my day to day well being. I knew I needed to change something but had no idea what, having now been in the same career for a number of years.

Through working with Chiara I was able to study and learn more about what was important to me than I thought possible. Learning about my values, skills, strengths, motivations and desires in the context of my career, and day to day life has truly been an amazing experience.

As a result I learned what was truly important to me, having creativity in my life and truly contributing to society to make it a better place. As a result I’ve enrolled on a creative writing course, and hope to complete writing a novel, and have the long-term aim of starting a social enterprise to contribute positively to society and the world at large.

Chiara is a wonderful coach, and one I cannot recommend highly enough- I know I will definitely seek her advice in the future.”

James Gomm, Colchester, UK



checkmark Create a vision of your ideal life by gaining improved clarity about what really matters to you.

checkmark Discover your passion or life purpose (what really lights you up).

checkmark Reconnect with your intuition and learn to trust yourself again.

checkmark Replace old negative habits with new ones that serve you better.

checkmark Overcome obstacles, procrastination & overwhelm.

checkmark Get unstuck.

checkmark Recognize what your top priorities are and learn how to manage your time better so you can become more organized, productive and efficient.

checkmark Ignite (or re-ignite) and nurture your creativity.

checkmark Get a “next-step” action plan so you take the right actions to achieve your goals.

checkmark Increase your self-esteem and gain more self-confidence.

checkmark Break free from limiting beliefs and attachments.

checkmark Identify hidden obstacles and the root causes of the fear, anxiety, doubt, and self-sabotaging habits that are holding you back, and release them permanently.

checkmark Find increased meaning and satisfaction in your life.

checkmark Ditch the time-wasters and end your procrastination and overwhelm by focusing on one simple task at the time so that you can reach your goals.

checkmark Make career decisions that satisfy you because they’re in alignment with your interests and core values.

checkmark Eliminate negative self-talk and emotions, and become a more positive person.

Together, we’ll accomplish all of this and more!




checkmark People at different stages of their personal and professional life who feel stuck, overwhelmed, unfocused, unchallenged, uncreative, unfulfilled, disconnected, or are in transition following a job loss and have little to no idea what they want to do.

checkmark Creative Types – artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople, etc. (even “closet creatives” searching for a way to express who they are), as well as those who want to rediscover their neglected creative talents and earn money doing what they truly love.

checkmark Aspiring (and established) entrepreneurs who have ideas and talent, but lack the skills and the organizational framework needed to turn their visions into reality, or are unclear about their next steps.

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